The Process… Fastion, Function and Intention

Nuno Felting is a process where we use natural fibers, such as silk, cotton, rayon and roving (unspun yarn) and fuse them together using soapy water, a rubbing and throwing action which “marries” the materials.

We begin by preparing our work table with towels and bubble wrap and get busy creating the design. We pick the roving, fabric, some new, but mostly we used “upcycled” (something that is reused and made into higher environmental value product….wearable art of course) material from the used clothing stores or donations.

The material is laid on top of the roving and when the design is perfect we then sprinkle it with soapy water, rub it for awhile and then throw…literally throw it in a sink hundreds of times.

We then rinse the piece and let it dry.

The finished product is always interesting and fun because each piece changes as the process evolves.

We try to infuse love and intention into each and every piece we make, so that our art form goes out into the world and surrounds the person who is wearing it, with function, fashion and intention.

Caring for your scarf, shawl, topper and other fiber art:

If you have purchased a piece of fiber art from Scarving Artists, we would like to suggest useful tips to refresh and care for it:

  • Hand wash with mild soap, rinse and hang to air dry
  • Iron with wool or fiber facing you, steam is fine
  • Do not wash or dry in a machine
  • Do not use cleaning products instead we suggest using Dawn

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